When – it all works together in the end

I’ve come to believe that we have very little control over our lives. Sure we can run away from God and His plans but in my experience it usually works out to be what He had all along. Which is the best for us anyways.

I have patiently endured to find out when God wanted to take me Africa, and He showed me. One day my mom came back from a family friends funeral and said I know who your going to Africa with”. Three days later I went to make perogies and I was going in January. They must have thought I peeled potatoes really well. I was baffled, God really can make something out of nothing. Here I was doing research and applying to  programs and God had it all planned.  With only a small amount of hoops to jump I’v started on my way.

I know that – if all things work together for good, if I had choose something else then it would have been okay as well. But if we want the best, then we must wait for what God has planned.




The best for me

Sometimes I learn things that change my entire being. . .this is one.

I got my travel  vaccines for Kenya and like any normal human being I didn’t pay any attention to the side affects of the vaccine. 5 hours later, the only energy I had is to ponder why I’m the one to get the side effects. I said – if I have God’s favor and I covered all my bases in prayer then why the side effects. Of all things Jesus why this?

I think God says to us in these kind of situations – Don’t you think I want the best for you? Of course I don’t want to see you in pain.

I was humbled at this kind of response. Do I always think God is out to get me? If I am His daughter, He would always, always be doing His best to keep me from troubles and hurt. So if this happened for a reason, then what do I have to learn. Maybe to learn that I thought  He wasn’t on my side in everything. To learn that even in the smallest tasks and pursuits, He wants to weave in His love and mercy.

To learn that lesson it was worth the couple hours of sickness. Because I got the vaccine, instead of the virus infecting me, the truth of God as a protector, fighter, and father can infect me instead. Let it run through my veins that He is always on my side. I hope and pray that each day we can ask ourselves what God is trying to do in the ordinary.





My call to go

You must have figured out already that I want to go Africa. I have recently figured this out to so were pretty much on the same page, this is the beginning part of the story.

This summer I served at a camp leading canoe trips. This was a big step for a small town girl but I knew this is what God had me doing. When I finished all the trips and looked back at the experience I saw so many things God had brought out in me. It reignited my love for teaching young adults and the outdoors. I gained some valuable tools but said to God that I did not want to go back to my normal boring life. A short while later He answered my plea to not be average.

Some people are taken aback by my outright trust in what I hear from the Lord. I have mentioned this story to a fair amount of people and I usually get the response “well okay then” in that lovely sarcastic – you’re insane  -kinda voice. But its honestly not that big of a deal. So I wanted to do something useful with my life besides the normal ‘Thank you, come again’. So I asked. God responded with a word that made me excited but impatient. He said “I will take you somewhere but I won’t tell you where or when just be ready”

How excited can I be about something that I know nothing about? A few weeks later nothing had come about, so I started to get discouraged; maybe I heard wrong. I decided to go to a worship and teaching conference because surly I would hear somthing there. After the conference had finished I got a call from my mom. She gave me a plethora of information for a job working outdoors with youth. I had a job number, telephone number and a contact person. This seemed like a golden nugget but so outta-the-blue. I was following up with the job untill I heard God say that this job wasnt for me. This job was only to be an example that God can make something outta nothing, So I wasent to lose heart about the words He spoke. I was encouraged but getting impatient, I wanted to know what was next.

Lesson learned in the first part of the story was to not doubt when God says something. I know that God wants to give us the desire of our heart but sometimes we need to be ready for them.