When – it all works together in the end

I’ve come to believe that we have very little control over our lives. Sure we can run away from God and His plans but in my experience it usually works out to be what He had all along. Which is the best for us anyways.

I have patiently endured to find out when God wanted to take me Africa, and He showed me. One day my mom came back from a family friends funeral and said I know who your going to Africa with”. Three days later I went to make perogies and I was going in January. They must have thought I peeled potatoes really well. I was baffled, God really can make something out of nothing. Here I was doing research and applying to  programs and God had it all planned.  With only a small amount of hoops to jump I’v started on my way.

I know that – if all things work together for good, if I had choose something else then it would have been okay as well. But if we want the best, then we must wait for what God has planned.




Adventures from afar

I recently remember a time when I was talking with a good friend of mine who happened to be in New Zealand.  In NZ there a day ahead and I was just checking up to see how his trip was going. Since there are an hour ahead I got the idea to ask him how tomorrow was going to be, good or bad? He quickly responded with – it’s going to be amazing and awesome!  I went to sleep set on the next day being great. When I woke up it was just a regular day but It was an amazing day. All day I expected good things.

What we choose at the start of our day has such a big effect on what the rest of our day will look like. My day was just like every other one but I had choose to believe that it was going to be good. And so it was. Our attitude doesn’t depend on the circumstances (although often I let it)

Here’s the God part. If I truly believe that God is always wanting the best for me. My day should not depend on my circumstances, I should focus on the never ending love and compassion He has for me each moment.

All in all, our days are our responsibility. Choose to have a great day today!


For the past few months I have been reading – Revive me, by Brent Cantelon. Which is a bible in one year, daily devotional. As I’m reading about Moses and the Israelites in the Old Testament, every so often I read about a man who happens to be traveling. Almost everytime someone travels in the Old Testament they seem to have a revelation about God and build an altar. Since I have been hearing and taking little steps towards what God wants to teach me in Africa, and have had great confirmation from the Lord; I felt I needed to build an altar.

When I started this journey of listening for what God wants for me this “school” season, I have often been very discouraged about finances and how i’m supposed to provide for myself to go eventually to Africa (it’s alot of money). God has tried to show me that it’s not about what I can do for myself but what God can do for me. But sometimes I can’t help but worry. One day God told me to make an alter, to lay on my stress about finances and declare Jesus is the provider. Since I live in friendly Manitoba and there’s no place to put an altar I decided a painting was in order.

After a few weeks of putting it off I finally got down on my knee’s and built my altar. Placing a cat’s eye green marble on the right side signifying my past notions of God and lighting a fire as a proclamation of Jehovah Jireh. Jesus the Provider.

With my altar built I’m able to bring my worry to the cross and simply lay it on the altar for Jesus to worry about. Simple stones and a humble heart is what the men had to give. As I trust in the promise of old, keep building altars and laying things down, I know there are good plans for me.