Adventures from afar

I recently remember a time when I was talking with a good friend of mine who happened to be in New Zealand.  In NZ there a day ahead and I was just checking up to see how his trip was going. Since there are an hour ahead I got the idea to ask him how tomorrow was going to be, good or bad? He quickly responded with – it’s going to be amazing and awesome!  I went to sleep set on the next day being great. When I woke up it was just a regular day but It was an amazing day. All day I expected good things.

What we choose at the start of our day has such a big effect on what the rest of our day will look like. My day was just like every other one but I had choose to believe that it was going to be good. And so it was. Our attitude doesn’t depend on the circumstances (although often I let it)

Here’s the God part. If I truly believe that God is always wanting the best for me. My day should not depend on my circumstances, I should focus on the never ending love and compassion He has for me each moment.

All in all, our days are our responsibility. Choose to have a great day today!



I’m reminded once again today of how we need to fix our eyes on the creator instead of the creation. I keep planning about the do’s and when’s and what’s about Africa. When I need to be focused on the do’s and when’s about God. If I was to put all my energy and effort into Africa and leave out God; then if the Africa plan disappears, where am I? It would be me saying to God – You gave me this awesome gift so I don’t need You anymore.

After all these years of being taught and studying the word, I am humbled at how much I don’t follow. Oh sweet grace that I am so thankful for. In my life it’s not about where I’m going or what I want, I want to know where God is taking me and what He wants through me. It seems I need to remember “It’s not the gift, It’s the thought that counts.”