The Waiting Place

“Headed, I fear, towards a most useless place. The waiting place. . . for people just waiting”  Dr.Seuss

Contrary to popular belief waiting is one of the hardest but most important skill that anyone needs to learn. Not in fact useless. Harnessed right and you can have peace about every single aspect of your life, dating, marriage, travel, school, kids and death. Waiting to know that when you make a decision it’s the right one at the exact time.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am in the waiting place and not very happy about it. I tend to be impatient. But how placesweet would something be if we did not have to wait for it. Anything good is worth waiting for.                                              All this to say – Be encouraged as you go through waiting periods of your life, that as you wait God is preparing something very good for you. Use that time to help yourself, sharpen  your skills and prepare your heart. I have started painting and sharing my story with others.  The waiting is hard but you will not stay there forever. Have faith and you will find the bright places!




Author: Robyn

Average young adult who wont allow life to be anything but extraordinary. Seeking where I am supposed to be.

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