To continue the story. Ever since I had done a Dts with Ywam 2015 (Youth with a mission), it was always my desire to go back and have some time with one of the families in Ontario. So when God told  me to go back  because i wouldn’t have time later I hardly even gave it a second thought. I jumped on a plane one week later. Have you ever experienced those people who just make you glad you’re alive? The Chimaican (Chinese + Jamaican) mother of this family one day was talking to me about doing missions in Africa, and something about Africa hit home. I didn’t want to get too excited that it might be the where I had been looking for. I needed more conformation. God reminded me a couple days later about a painting I had done a year before (see adjacent picture)  that I until this point had not known why I painted it. Jesus said to me “That painting is a picture of you in Africa. I had you paint it for this moment” I was astonished at how God uses things in our past to bring clarity to the future. That is when I knew my where. My heart became filled when i Started to pursue information and look at pictures of the country. My mother-friend questioned me as to where in Africa i would go. I had no idea, and still don’t. I’m trusting in God to show me the specific place but am grateful  and thankful for the country.

I can’t help but praise the Lord for the call from small-town country girl across the world to a place with some parts with no running water. I really believe this might have been the reason that I have dreadlocks. God is always preparing us for what is next.







Author: Robyn

Average young adult who wont allow life to be anything but extraordinary. Seeking where I am supposed to be.

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