My call to go

You must have figured out already that I want to go Africa. I have recently figured this out to so were pretty much on the same page, this is the beginning part of the story.

This summer I served at a camp leading canoe trips. This was a big step for a small town girl but I knew this is what God had me doing. When I finished all the trips and looked back at the experience I saw so many things God had brought out in me. It reignited my love for teaching young adults and the outdoors. I gained some valuable tools but said to God that I did not want to go back to my normal boring life. A short while later He answered my plea to not be average.

Some people are taken aback by my outright trust in what I hear from the Lord. I have mentioned this story to a fair amount of people and I usually get the response “well okay then” in that lovely sarcastic – you’re insane  -kinda voice. But its honestly not that big of a deal. So I wanted to do something useful with my life besides the normal ‘Thank you, come again’. So I asked. God responded with a word that made me excited but impatient. He said “I will take you somewhere but I won’t tell you where or when just be ready”

How excited can I be about something that I know nothing about? A few weeks later nothing had come about, so I started to get discouraged; maybe I heard wrong. I decided to go to a worship and teaching conference because surly I would hear somthing there. After the conference had finished I got a call from my mom. She gave me a plethora of information for a job working outdoors with youth. I had a job number, telephone number and a contact person. This seemed like a golden nugget but so outta-the-blue. I was following up with the job untill I heard God say that this job wasnt for me. This job was only to be an example that God can make something outta nothing, So I wasent to lose heart about the words He spoke. I was encouraged but getting impatient, I wanted to know what was next.

Lesson learned in the first part of the story was to not doubt when God says something. I know that God wants to give us the desire of our heart but sometimes we need to be ready for them.








Author: Robyn

Average young adult who wont allow life to be anything but extraordinary. Seeking where I am supposed to be.

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